Weekend Recap: Eat, Eat, Repeat

I sure did a lot of eating this weekend, but let’s back up to the non-eating portion of the weekend: The Pittsburgh Pet Expo!

On Friday, Scott, myself and a few of our friends took the T downtown to the pet expo (half price attendance night FTW). We are all animal lovers, so it was perfect! It was mostly geared towards dogs, but there were other pets in attendance like cats and birds. You could bring your pet, but since we planned to grab a bite to eat after the expo, Wilson had to stay home. Don’t worry, we bought him a few treats to make up for it!

So at the expo, there were a bunch of vendors selling anything and everything your pet could ever want! We ended up buying Wilson a few treats, a cute outfit for Christmas(picture coming soon) and an “elk” bone that he’s currently obsessed with.

There was also a pet grooming competition going on for poodles(both alive and fake). Can’t say that I’ve ever seen that before haha.

After the expo, we wandered through the cultural district looking for some food. We ended up at Seviche! I’d never eaten there before, but OMG  was it delicious. Scott and I ordered the pork taco, chips and guac for the table and also split the salmon for our entree. Scott was feeling a bit adventurous and ordered their Aji Papaya seviche.  He loved it!

We were able to snag the chef’s table which made our dining experience even cooler. They even hooked us up with some oysters – compliments of the chef!

On Saturday morning, despite the feast from the night before, we were ready for round two! A co-worker of mine has been raving about Bakn so I knew that was the spot! Side note: free street parking in Carnegie on Saturdays!

As you can imagine, bacon is the star of the show at Bakn and it did not disappoint. I ended up going with the egg sandwich #1 and Scott, as he always does went with french toast with a side of bacon.  The egg sandwich was amazing! It had baconaise on it and I’m not sure what that even is, but it was good! I left stuffed to the brim and can’t wait to go back!

After waddling out of breakfast, we ran a few errands before heading home to binge-watch Stranger Things- so good!

Sunday was a low key filled with grocery shopping and more Stranger Things. We finally picked out an ottoman from Target after months of looking. While at Target, I scoped out the Magnolia line that just hit stores. I. WANT. EVERYTHING.

Well, that’s all for now!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend 🙂





  • Taryn Harris
    5 months ago

    Want your life. Great food and commentary

    • admin
      5 months ago

      Aw thanks, mom! Can’t wait to write about Lagos in the spring 🙂

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