Weekend in Penn State!

For the past few months, my friend and I have been trying to coordinate a weekend trip to a Penn State football game. This weekend we finally made the trip happen!

Although I went to Pitt for law school, I was really looking forward to the PSU game. For undergrad I went to a small school in Baltimore called Loyola with about ~3,500 students, so I was excited to experience how a big school did football. We didn’t even have a football team at Loyola!

We left Friday after work and drove to Altoona since it was the closest town where we could find an available hotel room! We ended up snagging a room at a Microtel and to be honest, we had veryyyyy low expectations, but it was actually quite nice. And they have complimentary breakfast which allowed us to get moving quickly on Saturday morning.

When we arrived at Beaver Stadium we met up with my friend’s parents and enjoyed some homecoming festivities. I snagged a couple of freebies and even tried a cauliflower tater tot- pretty tasty!

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Once inside the stadium, I was completely blown away! The sheer size of this place was nuts! We had nothing like this at Loyola! The crowd was on their feet and ready to beat Rutgers!

Did I mention we had amazingggg seats- we were literally on the field! It was definitely a snug fit on the bleachers, but it made the experience all the better for cheering purposes (and warmth!).

They also have an incredible band that did an awesome job keeping the momentum going throughout the entire game.

Although the game started off a bit rocky for Penn State, they ended up demolishing Rutgers. It was a happy day in Happy Valley (corny but I had to!).

A huge thank you to Kim and family for letting me tag along this weekend 🙂

Scott’s a bit under the weather this morning so I’m sure the day will be filled with Netflix, laundry, and soup!

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you had a nice weekend!




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