The Truth About Adult Braces

WARNING: Very close-up photos of teeth ahead.


It’s no secret that I had braces. In fact, the only pictures I have posted of myself on here are of “braces Shayne.” Well yesterday, after 11 long months, they were taken off!

If you don’t know me in person, which is unlikely because I’m pretty sure only my friends read this, I decided to get braces due to a gap between my two front teeth aka diastema. I’ve had the gap my whole life, so its so weird (in a good way) seeing myself without it.

^Fifth grade was rough lol

Growing up, I wasn’t super self-conscious about my teeth, but I do remember wanting braces because all my friends had them. It wasn’t until I hit my early twenties that I decided when the time was right, I would finally fix the gap. It was a tough decision to make because oddly enough, my gap was a big part of my identity. But after going back and forth, I knew the braces would be worth it in the long run.

My braces were put on in December of last year. This is what my teeth looked like before:

^ This is from a game, but my orthodontist has the same terrifying contraption.

Silly old me thought that I would be a great candidate for Invisalign but unfortunately, I was not. I was stuck with the traditional metal “railroad tracks.”

Obviously, the worst part about being an adult with braces is facing the world as an adult with braces. I was so worried people would think I was weird, but it was all in my head. Everyone was super supportive of my orthodontic journey. Many people would share tips that came in handy when they had braces. My co-workers said they basically forgot I had braces after the first week.

The second worst part about having braces is the tightening. If you are unfamiliar with the tightening process, let me fill you in on the horrifying experience 😉

They place a wire through brackets that are glued on to your teeth. The wire is tightened every few weeks with pliers to gradually adjust your smile. It’s a pain, but for me each visit meant progress. My gap basically disappeared after the third tightening which made the process fly by.

I also need to mention the team who gave me my new smile! The staff at Mayberry Orthodontics is amazing! They truly made me feel comfortable every step of the way, especially since I literally was the oldest patient there. They were also super accommodating when I needed two last-minute appointments because I was acting crazy! Highly recommend.

So now I have the smile I’ve been dreaming about for years!



Big change, right!?!?!

Well, that’s all for now!




  • Carol
    5 months ago

    Your teeth look so beautiful

    • Shayne
      5 months ago

      Thank you!

  • Arushi
    5 months ago

    I am 21 and thinking of getting braces but I’m scared what people are going to think about me. Your article did give some insight and your teeth look amazing now ❤️

    • Shayne
      5 months ago

      Thank you very much! Braces are definitely worth it. Good luck!

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