Soup for You!

Last Friday, Scott and I both worked from home so we were able to throw a pot of this delicious soup together. I found the recipe on Pinterest(obvs) months ago, but unlike most of the recipes that are forgotten, I actually made this one!

We followed the recipe exactly except we subbed out the noodles called for in the recipe with egg noodles.

Super easy and super simple are the only requirements I have when choosing a recipe, so this soup fit the bill. It definitely wasn’t the prettiest of soups, but it was tasty!And it was soul-warming 🙂

Check out the recipe here.

Well, that’s all for now.




  • Taryn
    4 months ago

    Looks good !!! Like the substitution. I love soups but trying to avoid carbs and a lot of soups have carbs. ie potato soup bean soup. So are the egg noodles better?

    • Shayne
      4 months ago

      Probably soup without noodles would be best for low carb- carrots, celery, onion and chicken. The egg noodles are delicious( think eat n park noodles) but not that nutritious for you unfortunately 🙁

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