Meet Wilson!

I know I’ve mentioned Wilson before on the blog, but I wanted to give him a more formal introduction! We treat Wilson more like a human child than a dog. He is very, very special to us!

I was thinking of the best way to show him off to everyone and decided a few fun facts about Wilson would be an interesting way to learn more about him. So without further ado, here are some fun tidbits about our puppy, Wilson:

  1. His favorite vegetable is zucchini: Anytime we are cooking zucchini, Wilson goes nuts! Its a weird food for a dog to crave, but Wilson loves the stuff!
  2. His birthday is on August 1st: Wilson shares a birthday with my niece, Brooklyn. They are just one year apart.
  3. His original name was Firestorm: We aren’t his first owners, but I’ve had the name Wilson picked out for years so I knew I wanted to change it…. especially since his old name was very odd.
  4. We found Wilson on Craigslist: I have Scott to thank for this because he’s always cruising Craigslist for something. One day he came across Wilson and the rest is history 🙂
  5. His favorite toy is his bone: We picked up these random bones from Walmart and they are his absolute favorite! We replace the bones every few weeks, but we always get the same chicken flavor.
  6. He’s a mamas boy: Although Wilson loves Scott very much, he prefers to be with me whenever possible. He follows me everywhere. He even sits outside the shower door when I’m in there so he can be close to me haha.
  7. He has about a billion nicknames: We call him Willy Nelson, Willy Dog, Chunker, Wilson Bear, Chunky Monkey, Squishhead and the list goes on and on and on!
  8. He weighs 20lbs: Even though Wilson is relatively small, he thinks he’s so much bigger! He runs and plays with the big dogs in our apartment complex and definitely gives them a run for their money.
  9. He LOVES socks and paper towels: I think this is a given for most dogs, but Wilson is obsessed with these two items in particular.
  10. He sleeps in our room: More specifically he sleeps on my side of the bed in his crate. We tried having him sleep in the living room but he would wake up super early and cry non-stop. In the room, he can see me, so he is much calmer. We actually used to use calming spray because his separation anxiety was off the chart, but thankfully he no longer needs that.

So there you go- all you need to know about our favorite fur child.

That’s all for now!




  • Taryn Harris
    5 months ago

    Wilson is adorable!!!! Love the synopsis of him.

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