How I Kicked My Diet Mountain Dew Habit

I am going to let you guys in on an embarrassing secret. For many years, I was in a serious relationship with diet mountain dew.

It all started when I went off to college. I didn’t drink soda (or pop depending on where you’re from) until my freshman year. I don’t even remember my mother keeping soft drinks in the house growing up – it was literally water or die.

I’m not exactly sure how it all started, but I know it had something to do with caffeine. I’ve never had a taste for coffee and at the time tea wasn’t really my thing, so I made the unfortunate decision to turn to DMD for an extra boost of energy without the additional calories.

I’m sure in the beginning it was just one or two cans of DMD a day, but it slowly took over my entire life. I would have a can first thing in the morning and a can right before bed and about five of six in between! And when I ran out of cans, I would just buy two liters and sip right from the bottle. Classy, right?! Ugh, makes me sick just thinking about all the chemicals, but I loved the stuff. It’s kind of funny looking back at this stage of my life because I shopped exclusively at Trader Joes and took my health very seriously. I clearly had no idea what I was doing lol!

Forgive this horrendous pre-iPhone, circa 2012 photo!

My love of the dew carried all through college and well into my law school career. Sometime during my 2L year, I finally noticed my teeth were taking a beating. It had been awhile since I visited the dentist, but I assumed my teeth were in decent condition since I kept up with my brushing.  Boy, was I wrong. My teeth were a mess!  I had far too many cavities than I would like to admit and all my wisdom teeth had to be taken out STAT.

After my eye awakening visit to the dentist, I knew that I had to cut out DMD. I also realized I had to give it up immediately or I would always find some excuse not to do it. So I stopped cold turkey and I haven’t taken a sip since!

I went from drinking at least seven cans of soda a day to absolutely no caffeine. As you can imagine, the caffeine headaches were no joke! I was lucky I was on pain pills for my wisdom teeth at the time which helped, but I knew I needed something. Enter tea! Tea helped alleviate the caffeine issue but I still missed the carbonation of DMD. Then I remembered my mother gave me a Soda Stream for Christmas( re: everyone was trying to get me to quit DMD) which was a huge turning point. I eventually gave up tea and stuck strictly to sparkling water.


My current favorites!


It was by no means an easy transition, but it was definitely the best choice for both me and my teeth. I also save a ton of money! I have come a longgggg way and it only took double-digit cavities (and a lot of grapefruit LaCroix) to help me give up the dew 🙂

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  • Taryn Harris
    5 months ago

    So proud of you. The DMD was cray cray.

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