Friday Faves

Hello there!

It’s FINALLY Friday! And boy, do I need it!

So without further ado, here are some things I’ve been loving lately!


So, I really love Kevita’a Pineapple Peach flavor, but I’ve been trying to branch out and try new flavors/brands. For those of you who have not jumped on the Kombucha train, try it! I really like the Hibiscus flavor from Trader Joes’s but I’m not sold on the Kevita’s Raspberry Lemon flavor- weird aftertaste.I like my boucha’s very gingery.

Anker Bluetooth Headphones

After getting the iPhone X, I found myself in the frustrating situation of wanting to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time which is impossible because the cords share the same port. After complaining to Scott about this issue for weeks, he bought me these Bluetooth headphones for Christmas. I like them a lot. The sound quality is fantastic and they sync to my phone in seconds. The only negative (which isn’t really a negative) is that they are pretty darn close to noise canceling so I can only wear one ear at work so no one can sneak up on me lol. Great for the gym.

Thai Foon

I’m a huge Thai lover so this wasn’t a hard sell. The food was delicious and the portions were gigantic – we had enough for two meals, easy. I ordered the Panang Curry with tofu for my entree but we started with coconut shrimp as an appetizer. I also want to highlight their coconut rice- so good!

We ate here before heading to the movies, but unfortunately, the movie, Black Panther, was sold out. We’re hoping to see it this weekend.

Hanging with My Family!

Last weekend we celebrated my sisters 24th birthday! It was so fun spending time with everyone. I especially enjoyed clowning around with my niece and her pup, Leo! We were also able to hit up our favorite winery, Lagos :-).

Fat Friday

My team at work as deemed Friday’s, “Fat Friday’s” because we bring in sweet treats to share. A few weeks ago someone brought in these amazing blackberry pastries from Bartram’s and last week we had Duck Donuts! The donuts were almost too good to eat…. almost. That’s real bacon, not the fake salad bar stuff!

Well, that’s all for now.




  • Taryn
    4 months ago

    I love this entry except now I’m starving. It was wonderful seeing you last weekend too. Great pics!!!!!❤️

  • Wilson
    4 months ago

    Those donuts look so good!

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