Book Review: She’s Come Undone

If you read my New Year Resolutions post, I set a goal to read one book every three months.Pathetic, but realistic. Between work and my Netflix addiction, I don’t read as often as I once did. But I’m happy to report that I’ve already finished my first book, She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb.

Quick Summary (no spoilers): This coming of age novel follows the life of Dolores Price during the 1970’s. We first meet Dolores as a young adolescent and quickly find that her life is far from carefree. While entering young womanhood, Dolores must deal with dysfunctional family issues, an absent father, questioning love and coming to terms with weighing in over two hundred pounds. Will Dolores let herself go, or will she be strong enough to put her life together?

My Review: Ok, so I absolutely loved this book. Hands down, “coming of age” is my favorite genre so this was a winner.  If I had to choose my favorite aspect of this book it would be the relationships that Dolores develops throughout her life. The characters were curated in such a way that I truly felt connected with them on so many levels. Everyone had a place and a purpose in Dolores’s life. My emotions were taken for a ride – happy, sad, depressed, mad, angry, compassion, extreme hatred. Ugh, I love a book that makes you feel! Highly recommend this novel if you enjoy reading books that make you look at the world in a different way.

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  • kylie
    4 months ago

    My fellow book reader, great post!

  • Scott
    4 months ago

    Coming of age. Your fav!

  • Taryn
    3 months ago

    Coming of age has always been my fave since I read Catcher In The Rye in middle School. Great book review!!!!

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