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I love a good TV show! I typically turn to Netflix for all my viewing needs, but Amazon Prime has been stepping up their game lately. I’ve been watching more and more content on AP so I thought I’d share a few of my current favorite shows.

Downton Abbey: If you read my Netflix post then you already know I have an OBSESSION with British television. I love the drama, the characters, the fashion- basically everything. If you like period based shows, this one is for you.

Worth It: This show started off as Buzzfeed Youtube show, but it looks like Amazon picked it up. Each show follows the same format- two guys drive around LA trying a particular food item at three different price points:  dirt cheap, moderate and really freaking expensive. The guys are super funny and the food is drool-worthy.

Good Girls Revolt: I think this is one of this first shows that really got me into AP. This feminist period drama takes a detailed look at the personal and professional lives of employees at an American news magazine in the late 1960s.  It was sadly canceled after its first season, but I think Sony is trying to get it going again. Fingers crossed!

Pioneer Quest: Check out my post from this past Sunday for all the deets on this show.

Victoria: Surprise, surprise, another British period drama! This show is great if you’re a bit of a history buff, but also still fantastic if you know literally nothing about the Victorian era. This series does not disappoint! I actually signed up for the 7-day free trial of Masterpiece so I could watch more of the series. This is the only drawback about AP- not all the content is available with your subscription :-(.

HBO: So this is really more like a category, but recently I’ve noticed The Sopranos, Sex and the City etc. are all available on AP. I could watch these shows over and over again so it’s nice having the ability to do that without paying for the HBO channel.

Chef School: I think I’ve mentioned this show before but it worth mentioning again. It chronicles the real lives of 12 Canadian students in chef school.  Its hard not to make fun of some of the students, but overall, it’s a good show and I’ve learned a few things about cooking. This show was filmed in the early 2000’s so prepare yourself for some interesting hairstyle/clothing choices.

Red Oaks: In addition to being obsessed with British TV, I’m also really into things filmed/set in the 80’s. Red Oaks is a new-ish AP original, primarily set at a snotty country club in the 1980’s. It mainly focuses on the backup tennis pro who works at the club during his summer break from college. As you can imagine, ALL the drama goes down here. An easy, entertaining show with a Superbad vibe.

In addition to the shows above, I can also binge watch all things TLC that are available on AP.

Well, that’s all for now!




  • Scott
    3 months ago

    Chef school takes the cake. Pun intended.

  • Taryn
    3 months ago

    Can I get Amazon Prime. Some of these shows look great!!!!!

    • Shayne
      3 months ago

      Yes, I can help you when I come to visit in April 🙂

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