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Growing up in a single-parent household made shopping at Aldi a no-brainer! I remember making the weekly journey to the sole Aldi location in the Pittsburgh area and begging my mother to let me put the quarter in the cart. As a child, I didn’t realize why my mother would pass up our normal grocery store and drive the extra few miles to Aldi, but years later I realize she did it to save thousands of dollars!

As an adult, I continue to shop at Aldi whenever I can. Since Aldi has greatly expanded over the years, stopping in at Aldi is as easy, if not easier, than stopping in at our local grocery store. I probably go here about 3- 4 times a month at least. They offer amazing deals and high-quality products( $50 goes a longgggg way at Aldi).

Our recent Aldi/Walmart haul! Wilson is clearly very excited about all the deals we got 🙂

Aldi is able to offer groceries at far lower prices than traditional grocery stores because of their cost-saving measures. They don’t waste money on fancy shelving, they allow their cashiers to sit while they work to cut down on the number of workplace injuries and they also only have a few check-out bays open at a time to eliminate the need for additional employees. You also have to pay for your bags if you don’t bring your own-only about 5-10 cents a piece.

I’ve been shopping at Aldi for over 15 years and they have truly become a force to be reckoned with. Years ago they offered pretty standard products, but now they have a vast organic and gluten-free selection, fancier items like gruyere cheese and kombucha and many yummy Indian and Korean options as well (all at a fraction of their normal price!).  Below are few of my most recent finds that I highly recommend:

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