Happy Monday… lol kidding I hate Mondays.

Our weekend was the perfect mix of lazy and fun!

Most of Saturday was spent on the couch. We watched two movies- Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and Revolutionary Road. The two movies couldn’t have been more different. I highly recommend Revolutionary Road even though its a bit sad and depressing but very thought-provoking.

After being couch potatoes for eight hours straight, we got ourselves to together and met our friends at the Ramen Bar in Squirrel Hill.

Oh. MY. Goodness! It was just as delicious as I had hoped. I’ve been looking over the menu for ages (anyone else love looking up menus?), so I was siked when our friends suggested we meet up there!

The ramen was amazing but my meat was a bit tough. The service was kind of terrible and we had to sit right by the door, but thankfully the ramen warmed me right up!

Even though I was stuffed to the brim after dinner we had to hit up Wafflelonia! Again, another spot on food choice. We had a waffle with cookie butter and vanilla bean ice cream on top. SO GOOD! Reminded me of my study abroad days in Belgium

Sunday was low-key. We stopped at Whole Foods for game snacks and also went car browsing.Emphasis on browsing.

I watched the first part of the game but then I had to run to the outlets to grab a few things. After the Steelers loss ugh, we had bowling on the calendar for Scott’s father! It was a ton of fun and it was also a mini surprise party for Scott too since his birthday is this week. There was so much to do at this place- bowling, arcade, laser tag and food! We definitely have to come again when we have more time.

Well, that’s all for now!

Have a great week!




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