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As I mentioned in my About Me page, I’ve been following blogs for years now. It all started back college when I spent way too much time on my laptop! Cruising Facebook eventually got boring, so I turned to blogs for a change of pace. Many of the blogs I followed back in the day no longer exist, but a few of my favorites are still around.I remember the days when they would post three times a day- can you imagine?!?

I originally followed healthy living/fitness blogs, but they all eventually morphed into lifestyle blogs. Below are some of my favorites:

Carrots’n Cake

This was the very first blog I  found back in 2009! I think I stumbled upon Tina and her blog while perusing and I have never stopped reading since! Tina seems like someone I would definitely be friends with and I love how she shares the good, the bad and the ugly.  I also think my love of pugs stems from her!

PB Fingers

I’m literally eating PB straight from the jar as I type this, so I can totally relate to this blog. This is another blog I found early on and one I continue to read most mornings. Julie is adorable and always has great style and fitness tips!


So this is definitely, hands down, my favorite blog of all time! I’ve been following Kath forever and I oddly feel like I know her. Kath even answered questions about a project I had back in college which was pretty neat! I never miss one of her posts and I’m always looking forward to seeing what Kath is up to (and what wine she is currently sipping on 🙂 ). She recently got married and the wedding was gorgeous!


So this blog is definitely geared toward fitness, but I also enjoy Gina’s family posts. Shes an airforce wife so it’s interesting to read about hows she balances it all.

Daily Garnish

When I’m a mom, I want to be like Emily! She seems super down to earth and laid back. Cool fact- her and husband just started their own Kombucha business in Seattle!! She doesn’t post as frequently as the bloggers above, but I always look forward to catching up on her blog.

Fannetastic Food

This is another blog that I’ve been following for quite some time. Anne is an RD so it’s interesting to read about her philosophy on food. Anne’s husband is from my hometown so its always fun reading about their visits!

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  • Taryn Harris
    5 months ago

    So honest so true. Talk about making food exciting! I’m

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