How to Select the PERFECT Wedding Gift

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It’s that time of year again, wedding season! I know some people dread going to weddings, but I absolutely love celebrating love! With weddings, also comes selecting the perfect wedding gift. Sometimes buying a gift is super easy, but I’ve often found myself struggling to find the perfect present for the bride and groom.

Registries help make the process easier, but switching between multiple sites is kind of a pain. Enter Zola! Zola is a one-stop shop for all your registry needs which makes the gift buying process simple and seamless for your guests. This site has anything you could ever imagine of placing on your wedding registry and MORE! What I love most about Zola is that in addition to placing dinnerware, mixers, and sheets on your registry, you also have the ability to select somewhat untraditional gifts, such as airline points and Airbnb gift cards!

Zola has a number of great tips to take into consideration when selecting the perfect wedding gift. These tips are seriously so helpful! I pulled them up several times this weekend when I was gift hunting. Take a look!

I NEVER go off registry to eliminate the possibility of giving the couple something they already own, or even worse, something they hate!


I totally agree with spending according to your relationship with the couple. One time I got the feeling that Scott and I were very last-minute additions to a wedding guest list, so I definitely took that into consideration when I was selecting their gift. Since we weren’t that close to the couple, I didn’t feel bad just giving money. A lot of couples want $ anyways so it all worked out in the end.

I have learned the hard way on this one. Showing up to a wedding with a gift is a no, no! Now, I simply ship the gift to the bride or grooms house or I find an excuse to meet up with the couple before or after the wedding.

I couldn’t agree with tip more! Like I mentioned above, I love that Zola offers the ability to fund an experience for the couple. For example, Scott and I already live together, so with the exception of few larger items, we pretty much have everything that we need. We would much rather go on an exotic vacation than receive a billion towels that we don’t have space for.

If you want to use Zola for your registry, you can do that here. Zola even offers starter registry guides with a lot of the work done for you!

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