Friday Faves


It’s finally Friday!

This week has been a crazy one, but I was still able to wrangle up a few fun things this week!

Snapfish. Scott and I decided to send out a Christmas card this year. Snapfish was having an incredible sale (70% off!!) and the process was relatively easy (I can’t say the same for the actual picture taking process with Wilson lol!). I’m so excited for the cards to arrive. I’ll be sure to share the finished product next week!

J.Crew Holiday Packaging. This is kind of a silly one, but I am obsessed with the packaging J.Crew has been using for the holidays! It’s so adorable and festive.

Dog Face Pads. I know, the face saga continues with Wilson, but we finally found something that really works! The silver spray that we used before stopped the infection from spreading, but it didn’t clear up his existing “pimples.” These pads are very similar to the one the vet prescribes, but we were able to snag them off Amazon for a fraction of the price. Wilson’s face is 100% cleared up after using these pads. 🙂

The Big Family Cooking Showdown. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! It’s British and it involves a cooking competition so it wasn’t a tough sell for me. The best part is all of the chefs are normal people like me. It’s so exciting and fun watching what they whip up. Available on Netflix.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!




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