Best of the Burgh: Wigle Whiskey

I’m hoping to make “Best of the Burgh” a series highlighting cool places to check out in Pittsburgh!

A few months ago my friend was visiting from out of town so I wanted to take her somewhere cool and exciting. After some researching, I found that Wigle Whiskey offered tours of their distillery.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wigle, it’s a whiskey distillery located in the Strip District. Apparently, Pittsburgh is the birthplace of American whiskey. Who knew!?  You can read more about their story here. Pittsburgh is going through a bit of revival so a bunch of cool spots like Wigle are popping up all over town.

Even though I’m not much of a whiskey drinker, I had a really great experience! It’s a relatively small space, but the tour allows you to get an up-close look at the distillation process and hear all about their history.  You also get a ton of samples plus a signature whiskey cocktail to sip on during the tour. I believe I had some type of whiskey concoction mixed with grapefruit juice. Delish!

All of their tour guides are volunteers and are super passionate about the products Wigle offers. They also get to drink on the job which is a nice perk 🙂

The tour concluded with a flight of whiskeys and gins to taste. It was well worth the money, to say the least!



There’s also a cool bar located at the entrance of the distillery that is open to the public. It definitely would be a fun spot to meet for happy hour if you worked in the area.

During the tour, they mentioned Wigle had a barrelhouse located on the North Side. After the cool experience at the distillery, I knew we had to check out the barrelhouse!  We attended their rosé event in early September.  Whiskey + rosé = sign me up! Again, this spot did not disappoint and we could even bring Wilson! It was a great evening sipping cocktails, listening to live music and eating yummy tacos provided by Baby Loves Tacos!

I would highly recommend both Wigle Distillery & Wigle Garden and Barrelhouse! Wilson gives them two paws up!

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