Gift Guide: For Him

I absolutely love buying gifts for Scott, so this was an easy list to put together! Most of these items are gifts I’ve bought for Scott in the past or items he already owns, so I can definitely recommend them!

1. Sneakers: We’re huge Adidas fans if you haven’t noticed, so these are a must-have. $180

2. Socks: Really can never go wrong with socks! $11.97

3. Apple Watch: I own one and I absolutely love it! It inspires me to be more active. $329

4. Sunglasses: These are perfect for guys who like to play rough without worrying about breaking their frames. ON SALE for $82.40

5. Wallet: This is a quality wallet that has definitely stood the test of time. $85

6. Shoes: Scott is obsessed with Ben Sherman’s so he highly recommends that everyone get a pair. $40

7. Vest: This is one thing that Scott doesn’t have, but maybe Santa will bring him one this year 😉 $99

8. Electric Skateboard: This gives me heart palpations, but apparently this is THE hot item of the year. $99

9. Bowtie: I love a man in a bowtie! $55

Well, that’s all for now.




  • Scott
    5 months ago

    Booster board looks sweet!

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