15 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

I can’t lie, I spend a lot of free time watching Netflix. It’s so convenient and there’s always something new on there. We don’t even have cable- we just subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO GO. And when I say subscribe, I mostly mean we piggyback off of our parent’s accounts and my roommates, sisters, co-worker’s Hulu account… 🙂

Earlier this month my sister posted to Facebook asking for show recommendations and the answers flooded in! I thought I’d share some of them + a few of my personal favorites:

Riverdale – A good show full of teenage drama and crime. Only negative is that Netflix only has one season 🙁

The Crown– I love anything British so this was an easy one for me to watch. It’s historical, but not in a boring way.

Orange Is The New Black– Obviously a great show and there are five seasons available so you can binge away.

Ozark– Another awesome Netflix original. Think Breaking Bad but with less lying.

Stranger Things – I don’t even need to explain this one- just WATCH!

Atypical – I haven’t heard a lot of buzz about this show, but I really enjoyed it. It follows the life of Sam, a teenage boy on the autism spectrum, who is ready for romance. Definitely worth the watch.

Mad Men– I’m super fascinated with the 50’s and 60’s so this show fits the bill. It focuses on ad men in New York City so lots of booze and hair gel is involved.

Bates Motel – This show is a prequel to the movie Pyscho, depicting how Norman Bate’s psyche unravels through his teenage years. Creepy but captivating.

Mindhunter– This is a relatively new show on Netflix, but if you like serial killers and criminal profiling- this is your show.


Gilmore Girls– Oldie but a goodie. Throw this on after a rough day.

The Fall– A British psychological thriller series. Sign me up!

Peaky Blinders– Another British show (sensing a theme) about gangsters set in 1900’s England.

Narcos– Don’t let the subtitles deter you, this show is amazing. Its all about the Colombian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar.

Glow– Glamourous. Ladies. Of. Wrestling. It’s a bit slow moving but I liked the show overall.

Shameless– This show is based on a British show, so obviously it made the list. It has a TON of seasons available on Netflix. It’s basically a trainwreck that you can’t help but watch.

I hope this post inspires you to be lazy and binge-watch hours and hours of T.V. 🙂

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