Carnival Cruise Review

Back in early June, after months of begging and pleading with Scott, we finally booked our first vacation together! It was a toss-up between a trip to the West Coast or a cruise. As you may have already guessed, we ended up choosing the cruise. Two factors played a large part in our decision: cost and convenience. Not only did we get a stellar deal on our 3-day cruise, it was also a super convenient because it was a one-stop-shop. We didn’t have to worry about renting a car (although we did end up renting a Corvette in Miami) or planning any type of itinerary. The cruise allowed us to literally pack our bags and sail away.



We chose the Carnival Victory ship that sailed from The Port of Miami. I don’t think we some much as “picked” this ship, but the cruise dates and port location fit our schedule. Although Victory is a relatively older ship in Carnival’s fleet, overall, I enjoyed our stay.

Cleanliness is a huge thing for me, especially when I am on vacation. Our Airbnb in Miami gave me the heebee jeebees, so I was quite pleased with how clean our room and the ship was through the duration of the trip. Our room was relatively large and we had plenty of space. All of the rooms come equipped with a hairdryer which was a nice surprise. I need to give a shoutout to our room attendant, I Made! He was amazing! I-Made, as well as our dinner attendants, knew our names from day one! Being referred to as Ms. Harris definitely elevated the fanciness of the trip haha!

As I mentioned above, Victory is not the newest ship, so it could use a few updates. The main pool areas are a bit outdated, but since we spent the majority of pool time at the adult-only section,  we never ended up having to use the main pool.



There were a ton of activities going on at all hours. Scott is big on activities, whereas I’m totally fine lounging in the sun for hours, but we found a happy medium and did a bit of both! On our second day, we managed to catch the Love and Marriage game show. Scott and I are not married, but we really enjoyed the show. The host was hilarious!!!We also realized we still have some much to learn about each other even after 4 years of dating!

Although it was a struggle for me to stay up after 10 pm, we also managed to see the PG-13 comedian one night. It was alright in my opinion, but Scott enjoyed himself. On our last night, we attended the Broadway-esque show which covered music throughout the history of America. The singing was decent, but the costumes were on-point! We also spent a fair amount of time testing our luck at the casino and video arcade and trying fun drinks at Alchemy!


So on to the most important aspect of any vacation- the FOOD! I can’t say I was expecting much since this was a budget-friendly vacation, but the ship offered very yummy breakfasts, dinners and late-night pizza. I can’t say too much about lunch because I didn’t eat lunch aboard the ship once! Between eating omelets as big as my face for breakfast and taking an excursion to the Bahamas, lunch on the ship never seemed to happen lol!

Besides massive omelets filled with all my favorite toppings, the ship also offered scrambled eggs as well as a varied array of breakfast meats and breads.

We ate all of our dinners in the formal dining room. I really enjoyed getting a bit dressed up after spending the majority of my day covered in sand. Every night the menu changed, but there were few staple items (salmon, steak etc.) that were offered every night. You had your choice of appetizer, entrée and dessert- I was in heaven! Overall, the quality and quantity of the food were great and I never left unsatisfied- although Scott managed to stuff in a full pizza every night before bed!


In all, this was a perfect first vacation for the two of us. There was no need to overwhelm ourselves with planning every minor detail and were able just to focus on having fun!

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